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Stylish Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

From a design aspect, the bathroom is one of the key rooms in your property. For such an important area, it can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to styling. This is a real shame as, if you get your bathroom right, it can be the one room that offers true peace and relaxation. A big trend in interior design now is decorating your bathroom in a stylish, contemporary way. READ MORE..

Ways To Create A Statement Bathroom

If you are considering redecorating your bathoom, visit our guide on ways to create a statement bathroom today! Here at Royal Bathrooms we look at bathroom suites, statement tubs, fixtures and textures! READ MORE..

Your new bathroom suite just an imagination way

Bathroom is an expression of one's personality and styling that speaks eloquently of their creative choices. Choosing a new bathroom suite can be bit challenging but a totally new experience crafted with better looking interior that will take away your everyday tiresome routine. Putting together a bathroom suite is like choosing from the main components to create a functional yet stylish character for your restroom. READ MORE..

Tricking the Eyes with Small Bathroom Suite Ideas

Ever wondered, what ideas might make your small bathroom space a creative splendor of effective yet simple decorative techniques? No idea, right and that is why we are here to help you out with some outstanding small bathroom suites ideas. Bathroom might be the smallest place in your entire house but it’s the only place that takes your tired self to a pleasant comfort. READ MORE..

Size Variations in Offset Shower Enclosures for Better Buying Decision

Our theory of buying revolves around, bigger is better but in most cases, while this is not true. While it became unnecessary use of hard earned cash. To give yourself an ultimate bathing experience, you are almost always showered with questions about choosing the right shower enclosures that would sit nicely in your little piece of heaven. Space, size and other small adjustments will probably add value to your bathroom cost. Taking proper measurements of your bathroom space can make your new offset shower enclosure budget with space friendly. READ MORE..