Ways To Create A Statement Bathroom

At the end of a long day, it’s nice to come back to a hot, relaxing bath in a cosy environment. Most bathrooms are designed to be minimalist and clean, but have you ever considered amping it up to fit the decor of your home as well?

Create a statement bathroom that’s pleasing to the eye and soul with some simple ideas and a little attention to your bathroom furniture!

#1 Statement bathtub

The crown of any decent bathroom, the bathtub is quite often the visual focus of the room. It doesn’t need to be a boring white rectangle - bathtubs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Consider tubs decorated with unusual materials, like chrome-wrapped tubs or luxuriate in marble-edged ones. They can be standing tubs, Japanese-style sitting tubs or set into the side of your bathroom wall. Feel free to let your imagination run wild.

If you're not too fond of bathtubs, you can consider shower enclosures. Those, too, come in so many different styles that there's bound to be one to fit the size and theme of your bathroom.

#2 Mind the fixtures

In the grand scheme of decoration, it’s easy to ignore the small things, like the fixtures in your bathroom. However, the design of your showerhead and faucets can make or break your bathroom decor - if they’re the wrong style or colour, you don't want them sticking out like sore thumbs.

Consider decorative finishings, or small luxuries like heated towel rails and bathroom radiators, and how their placement can impact the design of your bathroom. Don’t feel restricted to one type of metal or finishing. These days, it’s easy to have your pick of rose gold, copper or aluminium, in polished or brushed finishes. What’s more, new designs are popping up all the time, so whether you’re looking for something futuristic or something floral and romantic, there’s bound to be a design out there for you.

#3 Playing with texture

When it comes to texture, the only things that should be taken into consideration in a bathroom is if the material will dry fast and if it’s easy to clean. Barring those requirements, there is a world of textures to play with. You can stick with the clean and streamlined and pave your entire bathroom in smooth tiles, or add interest with alternating textures like marble and rough stone.

#4 Add a feature wall

Speaking of textures, what better way to show off a decorative pairing of luxurious materials than a feature wall? This can be the backdrop to a well-lit bathroom mirror and a vanity, or the backdrop to a standing shower.

Alternatively, you can consider using mosaics, which can be set in any design you like, and which can go a long way in accentuating your bathroom with arty chicness.

#5 Theme it

Tie everything together with a theme, but of course, don’t forget to link the design to the rest of your house. Otherwise, it might feel like stepping into a different universe altogether. Unless, of course, that’s what you want! 

Consider decorating your bathroom to feel like a Japanese onsen that will require lots of wood and natural finishes like stone and reed. Or perhaps go for Mediterranean cool with pebbled walls and seashell decor.

Whatever your choice, making a statement design with your bathroom doesn’t have to be complicated. With a broad theme in mind and some creativity and taste, you will be able to create a place that makes a splash while remaining true to your sense of design.

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