Rimless Toilets

Hygienic Range
Our range of rimless toilets is meticulously crafted for effortless cleaning and maintenance, ensuring your bathroom remains free from hidden dirt and bacteria. With their innovative design eliminating rims, they offer unparalleled hygiene, fostering a healthier environment for you and your loved ones. So, choose one of our rimless close coupled toilets, back to wall toilet, or a wall hung toilet and bid farewell to tedious cleaning routine.
Sleek Appearance
Our rimless toilets boast a sleek appearance that enhances the aesthetics of any bathroom space. With their innovative design, they offer a modern and minimalist look that appeals to contemporary tastes. Moreover, the minimalist design of our rimless toilets creates a sense of openness and spaciousness in the bathroom, perfect for modern interior aesthetics. From designing a new space to renovation, our rimless toilets offer both style and functionality.
Efficient Flush
Our toilet's rimless design enhances their flushing capabilities by eliminating the traditional rim around the bowl. This innovative design allows water to flow directly into the bowl, ensuring a powerful and uniform flush that efficiently removes waste. Without the rim, water is distributed evenly throughout the bowl, reaching every part thoroughly cleaning and reducing clogs/blockage risk. Enjoy superior flushing performance meeting the highest standard of cleanliness and efficiency.
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Really good service as usual and do exactly what they say. Thanks.

1 day ago


Amazing service and delivery arrived on time without any problems. I will certainly be using Royal Bathrooms again.

1 day ago


Easy to order arrived the next door excellent service

2 days ago


Fast delivery Will order 2nd round of stuff needed Would recommend

4 days ago


Really quick service. Item delivered next day

4 days ago

Kelvin Perry

Great Price, easy purchase. Will use again

4 days ago


excellent and fast delivery!

4 days ago


Fantastic next day delivery service, was kept fully informed regarding delivery. Very polite and helpful by phone.

1 week ago


Good quality item at a good price. It arrived quickly too. Thank you.

1 week ago


Easy to order and quick delivery

1 week ago

Coleen Boosey

Excellent from start to finish. Had a problem with the waste on the bath. Spoke to them on phone and told to send video of problem. Replied back straight away and rectified the problem. I couldnt wait for the replacement so they refunded so I could get straight away cause of tradesman waiting. Highly recommend this company and definitely would use again. Complete bathroom purchased

1 week ago


Our initial order was delivered in good time and ordering was very easy. Unfortunately when ready to use we had noticed a crack in the shower tray, we contacted Royal Bathrooms and they were brilliant and sent us a new tray out the following day. Excellent customer service, will definitely recommend and use again.

2 weeks ago