Why Does My Bathroom Get So Dusty?

No matter how diligently and regularly you clean, it comes back in a day or two. It may ruin your bathroom atmosphere and cause significant health issues. 
So, if you want to transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat, then getting rid of the dust is a must. 
However, it is not possible unless you know why your bathroom gets dusty after each. Here is how to get rid of this problem for good.

The bathroom Window is Always Open:

There may be many reasons for dust in your bathroom. For example, you may be living in an area with poor air quality, an industrial zone where factories emit chemicals and dust particles. 
In addition to that, construction sites, agricultural and heavy traffic may cause dust dispersing to adjacent areas. So, it’s the place where you live and its surroundings that contributes to dust in the bathroom. 
You cannot prevent it because of keeping a bathroom window open all the time. Bathrooms often require ventilation to remove excess humidity. 
That may cause significant damage to the bathroom furniture. Moreover, you need it to let natural light get in.

A Dusty House:

Keeping your bathroom clean will become a big challenge if your house is dusty. It is because your dusty rooms and corridors will feed the dust into the bathroom. For example, when you clean your room, the dust particles may end up in the bathroom and accumulate there due to the presence of humidity. 
So, a dusty bathroom usually means you have a dusty house. We usually focus more on cleaning our living areas and focus less on the bathrooms. While being busy, space bathrooms require similar attention to keeping them clean.

High Humidity:

Higher humidity levels may make the dust problem even worse. It is because the dust particles rather fall on the surface than travel longer in the air due to moisture in the air. 
As a result, you see dust and grime accumulating quickly. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends keeping indoor humidity levels between 30% to 50%. However, such levels are often challenging to maintain in the bathroom. 

Poorly Maintained HVAC:

Though there are various methods of keeping a bathroom warm presently, old homes had HVAC systems via their network of ducts, filters, and vents. 
These are known to be a perfect dustbuster when in good working order. They may also easily trap dust if poorly maintained. 
And there are hard to reach areas that are difficult to clean. So, sometimes it may cause an accumulation of dust that eventually ends up in your bathroom.
There may even be air leaks through the gaps that may let dust come in. Therefore, you will need to inspect the internal surface and HVAC filters if these are the cause of the problem.

Read below to know the ways of ventilating your bathroom space that will keep it fresh and airy:

1. Exhaust Fan: Install a properly sized exhaust fan in the bathroom to remove moisture, odours, and stale air. Run the fan during and after showers or baths to ensure effective ventilation.

2. Ventilation System: Consider installing a dedicated ventilation system designed for bathrooms. These systems can efficiently remove moist air and prevent mould and mildew growth.

3. Natural Ventilation: If your bathroom is adjacent to an exterior wall, you can install a vent or grille to allow air to flow in and out of the space naturally. This can be particularly useful in areas with good cross-ventilation.

4. Ducted Ventilation: Connect the bathroom exhaust fan to a duct that vents to the outside of your home. This ensures that moist air is effectively expelled outdoors, preventing it from lingering in the house.

5. Ceiling Fans: In bathrooms with high ceilings, a ceiling fan can aid in air circulation and help dissipate moisture. Use the fan in conjunction with other ventilation methods for optimal results.

6. Dehumidifier: If your bathroom tends to have excessive moisture, consider using a dehumidifier to remove dampness from the air. This can be particularly useful in areas with limited ventilation options.

7. Open Doors: Leaving the bathroom door open when not in use can promote air circulation throughout the house, allowing fresh air to enter and moist air to exit.

For a more detailed knowledge about the ventilation techniques for a bathroom with no windows, you can read the article How To Ventilate A Bathroom Without Windows?

Curtains Attract Dust too:

You may not even notice, but the curtain may attract and accumulate dust that, with a jostle, sprinkled the dust all over. 
No doubt these are great for privacy and look great too, but if your bathroom curtains seem to be a dust magnet, then you should consider removing them for good. 
They may install a bathroom screen or any other alternative to replace them. In case you still want to keep curtains in the bathroom then you should occasionally clean them with a handheld vacuum cleaner or steamer to remove the dust.

How to Keep your Bathroom Dust Free?

Though it pretty much depends on what’s making your bathroom full of dust, you may follow a few best practices to keep the dust out of your bathroom. 
Every bathroom, small or large, requires regular and proper cleaning to keep it dust free. We often don’t pay attention to bathrooms as much as it should be. 
Therefore, you will need to adopt a regular cleaning regime in addition to following the tips provided here.

  • Keep the Window Closed When the Bathroom is Not in Use: If you notice the dust coming through the bathroom window, then you should only open it when needed. 
  • For example, you can open it wide when taking a shower or a bath. It will let heat and moisture escape as you show. 
    You may even use the exhaust fan to increase the ventilation. Another way to get around it is by leaving the door open after the shower. 
  • It is also possible to leave a small gap in the window opening to let the air flow but reduce the dust from outside. 
  • Keep the Bathroom Door Shut All the time: In case your bathroom is accumulating dirt from inside the house, Then it will be a good idea to keep the door closed all the time. You should also use a draft stopper under the door to fill the gap between the door and the floor.
  • Keep HVAC in Good Condition: If your house has an HVAC system installed, then make sure that it is in good working order. 
    You should inspect and ensure there are no leaks in the air ducts. In addition to that, keep the vents clean and replace the filer whenever required. 

If you follow the above-mentioned tips then you may easily reduce the dust in the bathroom. 

FAQs about Bathrooms Getting Dusty:

How can I Stop my Bathroom from Getting Dusty?

There are various reasons why your bathroom is getting dusty so quickly. It may be your bathroom window, poorly maintained HVAC system, dusty curtains, high humidity, etc. 
So, it is better to first find out the reason and then try to deal with the dust problem. 
You can decrease the dust in the bathroom with regular cleaning, removing the shower curtain, keeping the bathroom window and door shut, and regular maintenance of HVAC.

What is the Simple Trick to Eliminate Dust?

The removal of the dust pretty much depends on dealing with what has caused it. 
However, regular cleaning and maintenance is usually the first thing in your mind before you do anything else. 
A simple trick to eliminate the dust is keeping the windows and doors shut all the time, so dust could not get into the room.

Can You Put an Air Purifier in the Bathroom?

You can put an air purifier anywhere you want, including in bathrooms. It will make the bathroom fresh and free from dust particles. 
In addition to that, you can minimise the risk of mould and odour, keeping the air fresh and breathable all the time. 
However, you will need to get a good quality air purifier for the bathroom as it is a highly demanding area due to humidity.

Why does my Shower Get Dirty so Fast?

Showers are wet areas that can easily accumulate dirt and sludge. If you don’t keep it dry or clean regularly, chances are you will also get mould and mildew problems. 
You keep it clean and make sure to dry the surface as much as possible after the shower. In addition to that, you will need to follow a regular cleaning regime to make it spotlessly clean.

How often should a Bathroom be Cleaned?

There is no hard and fast rule for cleaning the bathroom. Some people clean it every other day while others whenever they get time. 
You should clean it depending on how much it is used, and it gets dirty quickly. However, experts suggest cleaning the bathroom at least once a week. 
However, if you clean it after every 2 or 3 days, it will look cleaner and require less time.

In conclusion, addressing ventilation concerns and regularly cleaning your bathroom can help minimise dust accumulation. When it comes to a statement bath, prioritise its cleanliness and maintenance to create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere. With proper care and attention, your statement bath can serve as a beautiful centrepiece, enhancing the overall ambience of your bathroom.