The Trade Advantage: Why Trade Accounts Are Essential for Professionals

As a professional working on bathroom design projects, you understand the importance of sourcing the best products that meet your clients' expectations perfectly. However, the process of finding high-quality products can be time-consuming and challenging. From searching for something "that meets the client’s expectations" to ensuring the products come from the best bathroom suppliers, it requires significant time and effort. 

To alleviate this burden, our team is dedicated to helping professionals like you streamline the sourcing process. We are pleased to introduce the Royal Bathrooms Trade Account, a comprehensive solution providing exclusive advantages and resources for bathroom trade professionals.

Join us as we explore why trade accounts are essential for professionals and how the Royal Bathrooms Trade Account can help you grow in the market.

The Benefits of a Royal Bathrooms Trade Account

Competitive trade pricing and trade discounts

1. Savings on a wide range of products
The Royal Bathrooms trade account offers significant savings on a wide range of products. Having a trade account allows you to access exclusive trade discounts, promotions, and special offers not available to regular customers. These discounted prices can help you maximize your budget and increase your profit margin

2. Increasing profitability for your business
The competitive pricing available only to trade account holders allows you to offer attractive rates to your clients, giving you the edge in winning projects and generating more sales. Additionally, early access to new product releases helps you stay ahead of competitors, attracting more customers and boosting revenue. The cost savings achieved through the trading account can be allocated to other areas of your business, such as marketing efforts or expanding your offering, further driving your profitability.

Access to exclusive deals and offers

1. Promotions tailored to professionals
By becoming a bath trade account holder, you gain access to exclusive promotions tailored specifically for trade professionals. These promotions are specifically designed to support trade professionals like you in your projects, providing you with discounted pricing, bulk purchase options and other perks. 

2. Staying ahead of the competition
The Royal Bathrooms' trade account provides trade professionals with discounted pricing, bulk purchase options, expedited customer service, and many other benefits. These advantages help you effectively manage costs, secure competitive pricing, streamline procurement processes, and deliver superior service to clients, giving you a competitive edge in the industry.

Priority customer support

1. Dedicated account manager
Royal Bathrooms' trade account holders benefit from a dedicated account manager who serves as your primary contact. The account manager offers personalised support, addressing enquiries and providing tailored recommendations. They assist you with order management, and logistics, and provide exclusive information on new products and promotions.

2. Quick and efficient assistance
Trade account holders receive prompt and efficient assistance from dedicated support staff. This ensures that your enquiries and account-related needs are addressed in a timely manner, helping you streamline procurement processes and enhance customer satisfaction.

Fast and reliable delivery

1. Flexible delivery options
As a trade account holder, you can benefit from flexible delivery options. This means you can choose from various delivery methods and schedules that best suit your needs. The flexibility in delivery options allows you to efficiently manage the orders, ensuring timely and convenient delivery of products to the desired locations.

2. Ensuring the timely project completion
Registering a trade account guarantees expedient project completion for you. You can efficiently manage the projects with access to discounted pricing, bulk purchase options, expedited customer service, and flexible delivery options. Streamlined procurement processes from best bathroom suppliers and competitive pricing enable you to meet project deadlines and deliver superior service to clients.

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How to Join the Royal Bathrooms Trade Account

Requirements for signing up

1. Eligibility criteria
Eligibility for the Royal Bathrooms trade account typically requires proof of professional or business status, such as trade licenses or company registration documents. The account is usually available to trade professionals in home renovation industries  including, but not limited to:
  • Bathroom Fitters
  • Plumbers
  • Installers
  • Builders
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Residential & Commercial Property Developers
  • Interior Designers
  • Electricians
  • Property Managers
  • Estate Agents

2. Necessary documents
To register a trade account with Royal Bathrooms, you simply need to provide the following documents:

  • Business registration information.
  • Contact details (business name, address, phone number, email).
  • VAT registration number (if applicable).
  • Trade references (from other companies you have worked with).
  • Proof of bathroom trade professional credentials.
  • Proof of business address.

The signup process

1. Step-by-step guide
Here is our swift step-by-step process to register a trade account with Royal Bathrooms:

  1. Visit the Royal Bathrooms website and find the trade account registration page.
  2. Fill out the registration form with your business information, including name, address, phone number, and email.
  3. Enter your business registration details, such as company registration number or business license.
  4. If applicable, provide your VAT registration number or tax identification information.
  5. Review the information you've provided for accuracy.
  6. Submit the registration form as instructed.
  7. Wait for confirmation or further instructions from Royal Bathrooms.
  8. Follow up, if necessary, to enquire about your registration status.

2. Approval timeline
The approval time for a trade account can vary, typically taking a couple of business days. It is best to contact customer support for accurate and up-to-date information on the specific approval time.

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Maximising Your Bath Trade Success

Partnering with the best bathroom suppliers

1. The importance of reliable suppliers
Reliable suppliers are crucial for trade professionals for several reasons. They ensure consistent product quality and timely delivery and offer a wide range of products. Reliable suppliers also provide competitive pricing, excellent customer support, and the opportunity for long-term partnerships.

2. Royal Bathrooms as a top choice
Trade professionals often consider Royal Bathrooms a top choice for their trade account needs due to their combination of quality, reliability, product range, and customer-centric approach.

Continuous improvement and growth

1. Staying informed about industry trends
Staying informed about industry trends is essential for trade professionals to remain competitive and adapt to market changes. It provides a competitive advantage, helps understand customer expectations, identifies business opportunities, improves productivity, and supports your business development.

2. Adapting to changing customer needs
Adapting to changing customer needs is vital for trade professionals to ensure long-term success. You can tailor their products and services accordingly by staying aware of shifting preferences. This adaptability allows you to remain competitive, offer innovative solutions, and seize new business opportunities.

The value of trade accounts for bathroom professionals

Trade accounts offer bathroom trade professionals discounted pricing, favourable credit terms, priority service, access to a wide range of products, dedicated account managers, training resources, and exclusive offers.

These benefits enable you to save costs, manage cash flow, take on larger projects, and streamline operations, ultimately helping you to stay competitive in your market.


A Royal Bathrooms Trade account offers you the necessary tools for success in business. It is a smart decision for trade professionals looking to enhance their credibility, expand their offerings, and achieve long-term success in the competitive bathroom industry.