Indigo Grey Gloss Bathroom Furniture

Deep & Sophisticated
Create a calm and balanced atmosphere with our indigo grey bathroom furniture. It is a captivating blend merging the richness of indigo blue with versatile neutrality of grey, resulting in a shade that is both striking and understated. The result is a sophisticated vanity unit hue that brings a sense of depth and character to your bathroom interior.
Timeless & Versatile
Keep your bathroom stylish and relevant for years to come with our indigo grey bathroom furniture. Unlike fleeting trends, indigo grey possesses a classic elegance that transcends the ever-changing world of design. Additionally, all of our indigo grey floor standing vanity and wall hung vanity units are remarkably versatile and complement various styles from minimalist and industrial to more traditional to rustic.
Variety of Options
Embrace the touch of elegance with our stunning Turin, Elena, and Cesar bathroom furniture ranges. Available in a variety of widths (500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1200mm), and basin types (mid-edge, minimalist, and semi-recessed) allowing you to find the perfect match for your bathroom layout. Browse our versatile indigo grey bathroom furniture range that’s designed to reflect your style standards.
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