Concealed Dual Function Kits

Sleek Design
Update your daily routine into a luxurious experience with our dual-function shower kits. A perfect blend of modern aesthetics and practicality, they combine a rainfall showerhead for a spa-like drench and a handheld sprayer for targeting cleaning. Specifically designed to improve bathroom showers, all of these are controlled by minimalist valves for effortless operations.
Effortless Control
Crafted with versatility and comfort in mind, concealed dual-function shower kits from Royal Bathrooms feature an aerating, easy-to-grip shower handset, and an adjustable shower rail. You will enjoy intuitive control over the shower system with its sleek hidden shower valve allowing you to switch between rainfall shower head and handheld sprayer with ease.
Flexible Installation
Suitable for fitting either vertically or horizontally, you have the option to tailor installation that best fits your space and needs. Additionally, the high-quality brass and ABS material of these shower kits ensure durability and consistent performance. The brass makes it sturdy enough to withstand the demands of everyday use with its corrosion-resistant features.