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Shower Towers & Panels

Shower Towers & Panels

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  1. Premier Chrome Ripple Thermostatic Shower Panel
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  2. Premier Matt Silver Peyton Thermostatic Shower Panel
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  3. Premier Chrome Pirlo Thermostatic Shower Panel
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  4. Premier Chrome Easton Thermostatic Shower Panel
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Shower Towers & Panels - A Decorative Look

A good shower is one of those decorative elements of your bathroom that can turn it into a showroom. And if you choose the right shower panel for your bathroom instead of hiding shower units behind plastic curtains along with classy bathroom fixtures, you can further enhance its aesthetic appeal manifold. An alternative to conventional bathroom fixtures, these bathroom fixtures come equipped with a fixed shower head, handle and several bodies spray for bathing. Some hi-end models of these panels also include LED lights in addition to the above-mentioned accessories.

If you are planning to buy bathroom products online or from a local shop, take some time and read about their various types before making any decision because they are used for many years. It's not every other day that you buy bathroom fixtures and install them in your bathroom. Bathroom fixtures are available in the market in different forms, material choices, and price options. They can be fitted in both standard size shower enclosure as well as spacious bathrooms. Your selection of the bathroom fixtures should be as per the requirement of your bathing space.

In the last few years, the interest of the people has shifted from plastic shower controls to more hi-tech panels that provide a range of functions. Given below are some of the available options.

A Modern Look

If you are looking for a modern bathroom product, consider buying shower towers. These can be easily fitted on to the tiles and require no specialist enclosure. One of the most important features of these panels is that they offer several shower options and can be fitted easily into a bathroom. The jets and controls in these panels are provided on the vertically mounted unit because of which they are considered best for the bathrooms where there is ample space. Most of the shower towers come equipped with a showerhead, water jets for body massage and an additional handheld shower. These shower works best when the water flow rate is normal but if the water pressure in your bathroom is low, you can add a water booster pump and enjoy its full range of options.

Panels with a thermostatic control system provide a constant temperature of the water throughout the shower. With them, you can feel assured that there is no danger of suddenly getting attacked by freezing or overly scalding water in the mid of shower. These panels are especially great for homes where there are kids and elderly people. The safety these types of panels provide can be very reassuring.

A Logical Option

Your most logical option is likely to go with understood and quality models when searching for a shower tower or panel. Attempt to stay away from extremely modest units. Additionally, search for a thorough and durable guarantee. On the off chance that you spend somewhat more, you will no doubt locate an electric shower that is better looking tastefully, keeps on working easily for more, and is genuinely simple to introduce from a DIY point of view. The royal bathrooms have all these features in its tower & panel category They are based on the same sort of principle as tankless water heaters, which heat water right at the mains with a heating element that functions on an as-needed basis and are also known to be very economical. If you want a type of shower that goes with the DIY and home improvement ethic, it is relatively easy to install, and saves you money as well, consider showers tower & panels.

Shower tower & panel just might be the influx of things to come. They depend on a similar kind of guideline as tankless water warmers, which warmth water directly at the mains with a warming component that capacities on an as-required premise and are likewise known to be practical. If you need a sort of shower that goes with the DIY and home improvement ethic, is moderately simple to introduce, and sets aside your cash too, think about electric showers panels & towers.

The frame of the shower tower & panel is another aspect of the design that you will want to look at, as this adds to the style of the shower. If you want a tradition shower look, then Ripple Thermostatic Shower Panel may be what you want. A full-framed shower tower Matt Silver Peyton Thermostatic Shower Panel can look more modern and elegant, but it's really up to your sense of style. Because frames give the shower its support, the unframed ones use more durable, thick material to support it. Some more advanced features that come with more expensive showers are the ability to change power consumption levels, push-button water controls, fanciful electronic displays, shower heads with more spray options, and so forth. Your home improvement budget will determine how expensive a shower you want to investigate.

Choose the royal bathrooms for buying your shower panels and enjoy many extra services of free home delivery, warranty, and exchange policy as well (terms & conditions may apply).

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