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Back to Wall Toilets

Back to Wall Toilets

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  1. Harmony Back to Wall Pan with Soft Close Seat
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  2. Bliss Back to Wall Pan with Soft Close Seat
    £125.99 £189.00
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  3. Melbourne Back to Wall Pan with Soft Close Seat
    £75.99 £114.00
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  4. Qubix Back to Wall Pan with Soft Close Seat
    Special Price £74.99 Regular Price £84.99
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  5. Dove Back to Wall Toilet Pan with Soft Close Seat
    £110.99 £166.00
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  6. Ivo Back To Wall Pan with 540mm Soft Close Seat
    Special Price £125.99 Regular Price £215.00
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  7. Ivo Back To Wall Pan with 550mm Soft Close Seat
    Special Price £119.99 Regular Price £205.00
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Back to Wall Toilets - Scan the Market Before Deciding

The appearance and design of your bathroom are almost considered to be the top priority, especially when renovating your bathroom. The main important point that needs to be considered is generally the decoration with matching fittings and tiles or also those of some vanity units. Meanwhile, a clean, perfectly designed and hygiene bathroom is indeed the most frequently used area in your living place so the demand for attention to its great design.

In today's time, there are several important choices for toilets that are widely available in the market. Starting with those of corner toilets, wall hung toilets, one and two-piece toilets and back to wall bathroom. Among several options, the back-wall toilet style is something that is generally favoured by many and is perfect for those of some compact house apartments.

Positives and negatives of buying back to wall toilet

These types of bathrooms are blessed with concealed cistern behind your wall or a cabinet and are either floor or wall mounted properly. So, before selecting one of such popular toilets, it is important to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of back to wall toilets.


  • These are generally slim and sleek, and this is the reason why it is highly popular among the number of people. So, installing these items generally, generate an aesthetically pleasing your bathroom with their perfect clean lines and hidden cistern. These toilets are generally fitted up to a false wall or also a cabinet that generally hides the plumbing. The cabinet generally matches the interior decoration and continues the theme of your bathroom accurately.
  • The reality can't be denied that it needs less space since they are shorter long for the most part because of their concealed tank that is by and large introduced behind your wall. Additionally, back to wall toilet can be wall mounted that for the most part needs even less region and furthermore are very helpful in cleaning.
  • The design of these items makes them fully aesthetically pleasing as well as highly comfortable. As such kind of toilet can be easily wall hung, they can be also highly adjustable to some perfect height for those of users and making it certainly quite convenient to use.


  • Compared to those of traditional toilets, these toilets are expensive mainly due to them being generated in the lowest numbers. But now, the masses are asking for this range for it needs less space for the installation.
  • Besides, they also need additional work for fitting that will enhance the installation cost and need a wall mounting kit.
  • This is a new phenomenon in the market, it requires consistent support of the professional staff to manage over the years.

Be a rational buyer

Most back to wall toilets are minimal in their design and will complement a modern bathroom. When buying your WC, make sure that you check whether your toilet cistern is included in the pack. Often, because the cistern is a standard item, you will need to buy the two separately. You don't want to hire a contractor to install your bathroom and find that something as essential as a toilet cistern is missing, so do double check if you're not sure. You'll need a wall mounting support for your toilet cistern, too; again, this may come with the concealed cistern or may be sold separately.

Remember as well that taps and wastes are not generally included as part of your basin purchase. Again, to prevent any hitches on installation day, make sure you choose taps and a waste that will complement your basin practically as well as aesthetically. The basin may be predrilled for taps: check whether there is one hole or two and buy your taps accordingly. Check, too, whether your basin has an overflow slot: if it does, you'll need a slotted waste and if not, you'll need an unslotted variety.

With regards to fixation, first, consider the situating of your back to wall toilet. Your WC soil pipe is an annoyance to move and moving it will be extensively more costly. If you can, at that point, keep up the current situation of the back to wall toilet in your new bathroom design to downplay expenses and pipes work.

Your back to wall toilet can be combined with either a pedestal, semi-pedestal or wall hung basin or an inset or countertop basin on a fitted vanity unit. Again, think about positioning to keep plumbing costs down. It's less tricky to re-route the water supply and waste pipes for a basin than to move a toilet soil pipe, but if your existing basin is in a sensible position, retain that position and spend the resulting savings elsewhere.

Going a step forward, selecting a reliable vendor is one of the very important factors in recent times. The royal bathrooms offer this range in amazing designs including soft-close seats, and rimless pan. The company assures you to deliver your order at your doorstep with zero transportation costs and a warranty on the product as well.

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