Fighting COVID-19 with hand hygiene behaviour is safest choice

Fighting COVID-19 with hand hygiene behaviour is safest choice

Coronavirus, called COVID-19, seems to have addressed the entire planet. It has been the 21st-century bogeyman. Life is no more the same as it used to be a year ago. The risk levels have been increased many folds in every sphere of life. Personal and relative health hazards have left no room for any future planning. The economic threat is collapsing, and your investment is losing. The danger that your family will have to lack essential supplies. Risks for famine and homelessness. The possibility of family and loved ones' solitude. All these factors cannot be erased until the proper vaccine came into the medical world, yet the proper hygienic practices can be helpful to live normally.

On the global handwashing month, let us discuss the importance of self-cleaning to make the society virus as well as desperation free to encounter the drawbacks initiated by COVID-19.

Can handwashing kill Novel Corona Virus?

The National Health Institute estimates that washing hand by soap decreases the number of microorganisms by 92%. It has been noted that more than 1 million deaths could be avoided annually if everyone washed their hands frequently.

Soap does not kill bacteria or viruses; it simply eliminates them. The skin oils of our body carry most microbial pathogens. Soap and water get these germ-containing oils rinsed out and clean the skin. Therefore, antibacterial soap is not recommended. Since soap kills bacteria, antibacterial can indeed be considered for them and not for viruses. In addition, it does not respond to antibiotics, making bacterial soap even less relevant.

Wash your hands properly. It is vital. These steps are recommended by medical staff:

  • Take and reserve a towel.
  • Clean thoroughly the hands and wrists
  • Completely apply and lather soap
  • Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Wash your hands with water
  • Thoroughly dry your hands with a towel

Hand Sanitizer can do wonders, Too!

The key chemical agents for hand sanitizers are alcohol (especially isopropyl alcohol), emollients and oils (for aroma). Hand Sanitizers have been found to have properties that destroy the microorganisms and the alcohol contained in them provides the Sanitizers with this microbe destroying property. While of great importance, particularly in the present coronavirus problem causing devastation worldwide, sanitizers should be used. However, considering that regular and appropriate handwashing with soap for at least 20 seconds should be a priority as this is the best approach to destroy the germs present on our hands.

Responsibilities of a citizen in this pandemic

Please understand the fragility of human life. Even the smallest of the smallest viruses, the novel coronavirus (COVID 19), that you cannot pick out with the naked eyes, can kill the life of man. So, on the very top of the list, we need to be humble and humanitarian.

  • Do not spread rumours about spreading such as statistics, medications, patients, etc.
  • Stop the misuse of social media to spread needless fear
  • Do not buy produce and other bulk foodstuffs. Let the others have some too.
  • Do not purchase sanitizers and bulk hand washers.
  • Follow the Govt's updates.
  • Use the mask to avoid touch if you are symptomatic and remain alone.
  • Do not travel during the lockdown.
  • Stop meetings and conferences. Start work from home.
  • If you have moved from other areas or countries, remain in isolation.
  • Wear a mask and maintain a gap of 1 meter (3 feet), when you go outside for essential needs.


If you find that repeated hand-washing causes skin irritation or cracking of the surface of the skin after washing, it is perfectly fine to use a moisturizer.

If there is no water or soap, the hand sanitizers are appropriate. To be considered safe, however, sanitizers must include at least 60 percent alcohol. For strongly soiled or greasy hands, hand sanitizers may not be effective. Some micro-practices to prevent viruses spreading are to avoid the eyes, nose, and mouth from being infected. Cover with a Kleenex or handkerchief while sneezing or coughing.

Hand washing is a simple, convenient way to maintain health. It only takes about 20 seconds and can be the best 20 seconds you can spend on your fitness and wellness.