5 things that happen when you stop taking shower!

Do you shower or bath every day? If you do, you're not alone. Around 49 % of the brits, 66% Americans, 80% in Australian shower daily. In contrast, about 50% of Chinese report bathing only twice a week. It goes without saying how many showers or baths you should take to stay clean and fresh entirely depending on your day-to-day habits. That's why people's bath and shower habits vary greatly throughout the world. Experts believe showering daily is unnecessary unless you sweat too much or expose yourself to a dirty and hazardous environment. There is no doubt bathing is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. But have you ever thought about what will happen if you stop showering for a few days?

Body Smell and Odor

Hair Greasy and Smelly

The first thing that you would probably notice within 2,3 of stop showing is the odour. But it is not just your sweat that makes you stink. It can be a result of bacteria multiplying on your body and producing 30 distinct smells. You may not even notice it because it's common for a person to develop an immunity to it due to the phenomenon called olfactory fatigue. In case you don't wash off your body, sweat and bacteria will interact, making things worse over time. For the travellers who don't have access to the shower, cleaning your face, groin and armpit can be help full in preventing body odour.

You Become More Prone to Infections

Every day we are exposed to thousands of germs. Many things like a mobile phone, door handle, and toilet seat that you touch without washing can transfer these germs into your body through your hands, nose, or mouth. That result in various infections ranging from pneumonia, diarrhoea, typhoid, hepatitis etc. In addition to the possibility of getting sick, some types of bacteria and fungi can also cause skin infections. That is because many types of bacteria live on our bodies without causing any issue, but if you don't periodically wash them away, they may become a problem. We all have been taught as a child always to wash our hands. The same also applies to our whole body.

Your Hair will Turn Greasy and Smelly

Hair Greasy and Smelly

Just imagine how will it feel when every day is a bad hair day for you. Showers help to remove excess oil and dead skin cells from Hair. So, when you stop bathing, your Hair turns greasy and smelly with a rough look. In addition to that, you may get dandruff, and your scalp will become itchy. If it goes for a long period, it can damage Hair and impend their ability to grow. You may even start losing them very quickly.

You will have an Accumulation of Dead Skin Cells

We get rid of dead skin cells every time we take a shower or bath. It is essential for healthy skin because washing them away unclog and uncovers the fresh new cells below. That allows moisture to penetrate deeply into the skin to hydrate it. When you stop showering, all the dead skin cells start accumulating onto your body, stopping moisture and light from getting in. That may result in various problems ranging from itching to skin infections.

You May Get Groin Area Infection

Groin Area Infection

You may not realize it, but the groin area is the most affected body part in the absence of regular cleaning. The first problem that you may get from poor genital area hygiene will be a stinky smell. If you let it for a few more days, you will also become prone to various infections. An itchy sensation due to the accumulated dirt may develop that can make you incredibly uncomfortable.

Wrapping it up

Showering or Bathing is important for personal hygiene and wellbeing. Whether you should include it in your daily routine, depending on your personal preference. If you sweat too much, then taking a shower every day is probably a good idea. Otherwise, you may skip it to every other day.

So, you now know what will happen if you stop taking a shower or bath. Tell us what you think about it. Is showering every day necessary? Or you think it can cause any problems.